How to Increase Your Home's Humidity

November 23, 2015

When most people think about humidity, it’s normally the outdoor humidity and how muggy or dry it appears to be. But when you ask any of our expert furnace service technicians about home comfort, humidity plays a large role in helping us stay comfortable. As we go through the year and our indoor air transforms, humidity levels fluctuate as well. For ideal comfort, the humidity levels in your home ought to be between 35 percent and 50 percent.

Dry air during the winter months in Roanoke can also affect respiratory comfort, as it may dry out the mucous membranes in your throat and nose, possibly causing uncomfortable scratchy throats and noses. It also indicates that there may be a higher risk for colds and respiratory problems.

Check out the advantages of ideal humidification, and chat with your Service Experts Heating & Air Conditioning technician during your annual furnace service appointment to hear more.

Ideal humidity levels in your home can:

  • Save you from having to worry about harming wood furniture, flooring and paint in your home
  • Reduce the chance for static electricity and shocks
  • Leave you with the ideal environment to sustain your indoor plants, helping them live longer
  • Help relieve skin irritations and dry skin quickly and easily

Adding a humidifier to your home may be the best solution to control your home’s humidity levels, so make sure to ask the pros at Service Experts Heating & Air Conditioning about humidity control when you arrange your annual furnace service appointment. Humidity is a big contributor to your personal comfort, so make sure you’re ready for dryer air. Give us a ring at or arrange an appointment with us online to find out about our humidification choices and to set up your annual furnace service.